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Default S really does come before X

In the past couple of days I've come to a disturbing and financially sad conclusion: without tweaking and tarting up the sound, relatively speaking the SQ of my X1061 actually sucks.

It wasn't just my recent revelation when comparing my old A829 to the X that drove this point home. No, it was my time with my wife's new S545 that did my X1061 in. IMHO, straight out of the box the new S-series sounds better than the supposedly top-dog X-series. Nearly everything about the S545 suits my ears better: the depth and imaging of the soundstage is more involving, the tone, timbre and presence of the music sounds more warm, 'analog' and natural. There's much less of the cold, uptight and analytic tenor that my X1061 brings to the table. The new S545 doesn't yet have the warmth and depth that my well burned-in A829 has, but it wouldn't be hard to believe that with use and time that this too-chintzy, plastic sound machine would equal if not exceed the sonic performance of my old Walkman. In comparison, my X seems like it would have a long, LONG time to burn before it would get to the level of the A829.

The X may have more 'wow' tech than the relatively plain S545, but the S has the SOUND, and to me that's what counts more than anything else. Major bummer...and the feeling that I wasted $400 for the privilege of finding this out...oh and learn.

Hope the ZuneHD I just ordered can keep up with the S...
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