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Help What happened to L-jacks and J-cords?

Hello guys,

I'm shopping for some cheap (~20 ) earphones with noise blocking for outside use. There's quite a lot of options in this price range - a-jays, Soundmagic etc etc. However, pretty much all of these have straight jacks and symmetric Y-cords.

My player doesn't have the phone jack on the top or bottom and I wear it in my pockets, so an L-jack is way more practical. As for asymmetrical cords, I find them ingenious - when not using the phones for a while, they can just rest behind the neck, no need to pack them away. I know, it's not for everyone (and too many people don't know what's it for), but I'm sure I'm not the last person on Earth who likes this feature. The same goes for L-jack.

Well, instead of choosing between a dozen of good models and several brands, I'm pretty much stuck with one choice - Philips, which at least makes some L-jacked phones. Well, there's also Sennheiser, even with J-cords, but Sennys are waaay overpriced in this part of the world, only CX150 remains cheap. And CX150's cords, while asymmetric, are too microphonic and fall apart pretty soon, so I wouldn't pick them for outside use anyway.

What happened? 10 years ago, only the cheapest, worst earphones were equipped with a straight jack. And the choice of cables were at least 70/30 in favor of the asymmetrical sort. Is everyone trying to mimic the 'fruit company', or do people really hate these two features?

Anyone knows of some cheap earphones, which sound at least like Sansa Clip+ stocks (I found those quite OK, but need more noise blocking), have some basic build quality, L-jack and J-cable?

(And sorry if it sounds like a rant... Although it is.)
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