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Help Playlist issue: Dealbreaker for Ex-ipod-users?


My situation is this:

I had an ipod 60GB since 2005, and got more and more dissatisfied with that company for reasons such as proprietary BS, cultism, the image their products have... I always hoped that my ipod would survive until any company other than apple had a flash-based 64GB DAP out, so I can have a good part of my library on me without the hassle of sorting everything. I also have been heavily using playlists on my ipod.

Well, on the day Steve Jobs died, he seemed to have taken my ipod with him. Right now I'm left with a Sony Ericsson with a stupid headphone jack that loses contact when you breathe too deep, so I need a new one.

All Signs point to the J3, but the playlist thing left me hesitating... From all I read here, playlists are a major issue on the J3. Also, I have many AAC files (none of them have DRM), and I read somewhere (I think it was in the review, thanks for that) that Cover Art from AAC is not supported.

How are your experiences with these issues? Would you say that they spoil the fun out of an otherwise great player? Have you found ways to avoid/deal with these issues? Is the playlist thing only an issue when you have playlists spanning both internal and external files?


Oh, and merry christmas, if you're into that kind of thing.
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