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Default I want a really high capacity MP3 player


First off, I'll just say that I don't have a problem with ipods, though I understand why people do, and I'm open to any and all MP3 player suggestions.

Essentially I really want a high capacity MP3 player, and there seems to be nothing on the market that is higher than 160gb. I want one that has at least 250gb of space, preferably 320-500. I have a 160gb Ipod classic which is fine, but they aren't making bigger ones, it seems.

Aside from the Archos 500gb internet tablet I've seen nothing. Do they even exist?

This is what my ideal player would have and doesn't need to have.
The essential:
-very high capacity. Obviously hdd based, since flash memory doesn't support such high capacities.
-Plays MP3s seamlessly and it must support gapless playback
-user friendly controls
-Easy to transfer files to device from Windows based machine
-Decent battery life

What would be nice to have but not essential:
-Touch screen interface which nice features like recently added
-Wifi capability and some apps for accessing music stored remotely (at home)
-Bluetooth (for my bluetooth headphones)
-Ability to browse by folders and my id3 tags

What I really don't need or care about:
-Ability to play other formats such as flac
-ability to play video
-web browsing, etc

So what I want is a high capacity music player, not a multi-purpose media device.

Again, I have no problem with Apple and, admittedly, my ideal device would look something like an ipod touch with 500gb of onboard storage.

Do these even exist?
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