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Default HD650 best friend in the sub 150 price range?

hey abi subscribers!!! Quick Question ill make it as short as i can

got a sweet deal on the 650's and just wanted to know what would pair up with this bad-boy?

I mainly listen on my laptop via fiio e10 DAC/AMP.. would hey drive them fine? OR should i invest further?

i am willing to spend upto 150 USD (more or less), 200 would be stretching but if its worth it would take it under consideration !

looking at a desktop amp or maybe even a portable..

dont know much about them cute little "mini tube amps/ hybrids" (although they do look quite tempting) but do they get the job done as in the "warm-harmonic distortion"
(was thinking about the little dot mk-iii or the hifiman hf-2a)
i mainly listen to classical and acoustics

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The e10 should be fine and it fits your budget.

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thanks alot.. any suggestions for a portable or or a desktop amp ?

I had failed to mention that I needed something besides a DAC for the sake of versatility and "just in case" I didn't have a my laptop around

would the cmoy be a good match with 650's?

not very interested in the stock jds labs version but i found a guy on eBay who claims to use proper parts for his version of the cmoy and calls it the "RA1 clone" due to the facanti consists of a RA1 chip.. and it's quite cheaper

here is the link
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