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Default Clip+ Synch

Ok - I recently bought a 4gb clip+ & 16gb card and despite reading the manual / looking on this forum, I'm lost.

A little background:
  • I keep all my music in separate folders (by album) under the music directory of my Vista PC. For example: in the music directory, I have a subdirectories for rush-power windows and a separate one for rush-moving pictures.
  • I am an ipod convertee so I was previously using itunes and had my 'library' pointed to the music directory to pick up all my music.
  • I have more music then I have space on the ipod so I decided to move away from apple and go w/ the expandability of the clip+
On my machine, I also have WMP 11. When I run that, it picks up all the tunes from my hard-drive and indexes them into its library. questions:
What's the easiest/cleanest way to:
a) get all my music from my hard-drive onto the 16gb card for the clip+
b) get a few playlists onto the clip+

My points of confusion:
  • I know that I can use a drag & drop method to port the music and believe that i have to choose the player, then the external card's music folder. From there, all I see are references to folks putting individual tracks in. Instead of doing that, can I put my subdirectories like I have on my hard-drive ?
  • If I use WMP instead of drag & drop, do I need to first create a playlist of every track I own and synch it ? there an easy way to use WMP to first port all the music from my hard-drive's music folder over to the 16gb card. Then follow that with a few playlists that reference tracks I copied over previously.
All in all, I want to get every one of my tracks (maybe about 10gb) onto the clip + and be able to play them either by artist, album or based off a few playlists like 'workout tunes', etc.

Lastly - I'm not stuck on WMP and would be willing to try other software if there are better, free picks out there. So...if anyone is willing to give me some pointers, I'm open to suggestion.

Thanks in advance
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