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Default New Good Value Earphones

I got some Audeo PFE's maybe 3 years ago; they have been fairly fantastic (my only complaint being the filters which cause me trouble rather often).

I have gotten many replacements, and it is past my warranty and it sounds like these 112's are going out soon because the balance is starting to be messed up. So... I need new earphones!

Simply from looking at

It seems the three top value ones are Soundmagic E10 / E30 and Head-Direct RE0...
  1. Which has the best clarity? Which has the best Left/Right balance, and overall sound embracement? Sound embracement is how sound seems to wrap around my head while using 112; I love that and wish to get the most able ones.
  2. The ease of insert of the e30 is labeled very bad... is that because of the over the ear design? Or is something else actually bad about them?
  3. Are the e10's/e30's really that good? It seems, from this list, they are pretty freaking amazing.
Currently: SoundMagic E10 / Cowon Z2
Previously: Phonak Audéo PFE / Cowon iAudio 7
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