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Old 12-10-2011, 12:05 PM
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Default Need a high-capacity, high-quality MP3 player. Is the Cowon X7 prone to bricking?

I'm not a hardcore audiophile - I'll listen to 320kbps MP3 as well as FLAC - but sound quality is very important to me. I also have a large music library - more than 100GB last time I checked, and it's certainly grown since.

Naturally, the Cowon X7 appealed to me - I've heard its audio quality is top-notch, the EQ abilities are fascinating, and they're one of the few companies that still makes 100GB+ MP3 players. That said, I've heard some complaints that make me hesitant to buy one. Namely:

- Does the battery die if the player dies? I'd never do this intentionally, but it might happen accidentally. If anyone can debunk (or corroborate) this it'd be appreciated.
- Is it glitchy? I've heard reports of it bricking or freezing, especially when uploading large amounts of files. I've heard sometimes the player fails to recognize the music on it.
- Is the interface that bad? I've heard the resistant touchscreen is unresponsive and playlists are hard to manage (though I've also heard you figure it out after a while).
- Do you have issues with your tags? I keep my music well-tagged, so I don't think this will be a problem for me, but it'd be nice not to have to re-tag 10,000+ songs.

If you own(ed) a Cowon X7 and can shed light on any of these complaints, or can tell me about any other problems you've had with interface or glitches or bricking, let me know. I wouldn't want to have to ship all the way to Korea to get my bricked player fixed.

If you can recommend another player, here are my preferences:

- Sound quality: as good as possible.
- Capacity: at least 100GB would be great, ideally more. I can do ~60GB, but would prefer not to.
- Battery life: At least 5 hours. 10+ would be better. I'm not too picky about this, but I don't want something that's going to die during my daily commute.
- Size: It doesn't have to be tiny, but I'd like for it to be able to fit in a jeans or jacket pocket.
- Price: $300 USD or under would be ideal.
- Location: North America.
- Extra features: I'd like an alarm, an external speaker, and a microphone. I don't need apps or Wi-fi or radio or a camera or even video or photo support. None of these things are deal-breakers.
- Native support for FLAC is nice (another reason I was considering the X7).
- Gapless playback is nice, but not a deal-breaker.
- I prefer devices with actual buttons over touch-only interfaces (but again, I was considering the X7 so this isn't a big sticking point).

I use Windows XP, though I might be getting a laptop with Windows 7 soon, so no concern if the player isn't Mac-friendly. I tag everything with ID3-TagIT, though some of my tags come from ExactAudioCopy, and I use foobar2000 to play music (not iTunes or WMP or anything). I keep all my music relatively well-organized by artist/album - I don't just dump it all in My Music like some people. I don't know if any of that is relevant, but I thought I should mention it just in case.

Thanks a bunch.
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Old 12-12-2011, 03:52 AM
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I copy-paste from anothe topic:

X7 pros:
*memory capacity (80, 120, 160Gb)
*tough case with a big screen
*sound quality is excellent as usual (like Cowon S9 or J3)
*excellent flash UIs can be used to replace the base one.
*battery life is huge (70-80 hours for music, didn't test videos)

X7 cons:
*doesn't support Mac computers (I mean, in 2011, seriously...)
*usb connector is flimsy (no lock system to hold the cable in place into the X7, so if you move the player while connected to your PC, you can be sure it is going to disconnect).
*base interface is made for people with very thin fingers. It MUST be replaced by user-made UIs (Leaf, Sense, Lynx...) to be usable.
*tactile screen must be calibrated every other month to stay accurate. No so bad, but it never happened on my old D2. It remains much more sensitive than with the D2 where you had to press hard.

Concerning bricking, seems to have dramatically decreased since firmware 2.07/2.08. Never bricked mine, but I wouldn't generalize.
For music copying, I organize mine by folder (Artist/Album/...) and I could load my music in 2 halves without any issue. Never tried to load everything in one go.

Conclusions: on the paper, the Cowon X7 is a very nice player, providing high capacity and excellent sound quality, and if you can leave with its technical flaws (the flimsy usb outlet, and replacing the base UI, which is very easy to do), it should make you very satisfied.

Anyway, if you're looking at recent large capacity players, it's that or an iPod Classic. I won't even mention Archos players, they 're more suited for videos than for music...
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