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Question earbud recommendation plz

  • Price Range: approx $50-$100 aud
  • Type/Design: earbuds, iem's don't really fit my ears, haven't tried the ear support buds, but willing to try, not a huge fan of over head headphones, i have a bit of a cone head, they never really fit that well, and after a few hours my ears hurt.
  • Open Style: Like others to hear what i'm gettin' into, yeah i'm one of those dudes on the train headbangin or dancing in my seat, instead of all the other zombies that are listening to something but seem totally bored.
  • Primary location of use: Portable, walking, public transport
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Balanced from lows to highs, with strong bass.
  • Media: various genres, but not classical, opera or country rubbish, preference for grunge/hard rock, don't want distortion coz its metal etc.
  • Source: Cowon J3
Really don't know much about the earphone industry, but need something better than stock earbuds for the J3 to improve upon the listening experience. Cowon is like sex in my ears.. i need some good phones so its like an orgasm in my ears.

My local pawnshop (cash converters), has a pair of sennheiser px 200's for $90, i guess i could try them, but they're about 5/6yrs old, and they're not earbuds, but i guess i could give them a soundcheck, but if i'm gonna fork out $90 for them, i could probly get something decent at that price brand new, with updated audio technology. Checked some reviews, apparently they suck.. so scratch that. have some Sennheiser MX 880 West earbuds for $75 aud. Anybody have any experience with them? The reviews are very limited, apart from video reviews, and they sound quite good, but they're talking about ohms and impedience which is just going in one ear and out the other coz i haven't a clue whats good and whats not. Maybe somebody could clarify.

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