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Help E300 questions

Ok, so since I figure I can get more answers here than the forum my other thread is in I'm just asking the questions from my other thread in here. I've got a few E300 questions:

How fast is navigating the menu? Can you hold down the buttons or do you have to press each individually?

How many bands is the custom EQ?

Is the speaker good? As in, can you actually hear your music, I'm not taking audiophille good, nothing is unless it costs more than a thousand bucks and is in a studio. So, when you listen via the built in speaker can you actually hear your music as good as say, computer speakers? I have a pair of the speakers with the little lights built which I got from target for 2.50 and they're pretty much crap, but all I want is a way to listen to music without my headphones on, is the speaker decent?

Also, with the SD card does it integrate into the main library? Or is it it's own folder?

And, since I was informed it's not gapless, but it sounds ot me like a gimmick feature more than a real feature that makes a difference, since it's not gapless does it preload songs? So like, will it immediately play the next song? Like if I have a live CD playing will it have no silence between tracks before playing the next one so I'll hear say, all the crowd noise and all?


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