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Default recommend a mp3 player

hello all! my first post! anyways..

I'm having a big problem with deciding which mp3 to get..I will write the basic details and features I'd like, and we can start from there?

Oh btw, I've owned a 5th generation ipod nano, but I sold it because I rather have something much "well priced" and I rather not have an ipod that costs so much, when I can find a mp3 player just as good and cheaper. (plus I needed the money which is why I sold it) also had a first edition zune, which I adored but somehow it died on me due to battery life lasting less than an hour.. o.O (I basically say the zune was perfect, but I'd love something that could last longer and well,a bit cheaper too)

so as my big Christmas gift to myself..(yeah yeah..) I'd like to buy myself a brand new mp3 player, here are the important details I'd like.

-Sound quality
-voice recorder
-video (decent quality)
-pictures (I would love for the pictures at least to look decent..which is why I loved my zune ._.)
- NO touch screen, I'll stick with buttons and such.
-drag and drop feature
-color variety could be nice, but it's not as important as the rest.
-8GB-16GB tops
-price range 100-110 USD
-must have the choice to put a plastic case on it (not silicone etc), because I go crazy without good protecting, I'm very clumsy, and I carry around my mp3 all the time.

that's about it! I don't mind if it's a bit more than 110! but please understand, I'm trying to go on the cheaper side!

thanks so much guys~!
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