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Old 12-03-2011, 04:24 PM
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Smile Iriver questions and need some MP3 player recommendations

So, I have an old 2nd gen iPod Nano which I got from someone I know for free, which is good 'cause I'm never buying an iPod ever, can't say again because I never bought one. :P Anyway, I'm a musician and big on audio, so I'm really looking for a high quality audio player, video doesn't matter as much to me, but I'd like to have something with a screen that I can watch videos on if I want to. I've been looking all over the place, I thought Creative at first and really like the X-Fi 2 but they seem to have pulled an Apple with it and made a really bad move and killed a great touch screen player for a 1 inch piece of crap, and prices went up insanely, so I think that's out of the question now. I've been looking at Iriver now and decided the E300 is definitely the player for me, but I have one concern, I really like touch controls like the click wheel or touch screens because they're quicker since you can swipe or scroll through things quick, so I've had quite a few doubts about the E300s speed when it comes to navigating the menus fast, so I have a couple questions about the E300:

How fast is navigating the menu? Can you hold down the buttons or do you have to press each individually?

How many bands is the custom EQ?

Is the speaker good? It doesn't have to be great, I have a cheap pair of speakers with the built in lights from Target, I don't need overly good quality audio from speakers, for my real audio listening I use headphones or my earbuds, but is the speaker good enough to actually hear your music and can it get loud?

Also, with the SD card does it show up in the main library or is there a different menu? This doesn't matter to much to me, but I'd like to know.

That's the only questions I have regarding the E300, I've also seen some other players though, the Archos 35 Vision looks like another perfect player to me, but I heard it has sorting issues, is this true? Is it possible to organize your music alphabetically on it?

So, here's a list of features I really want and the other info you guys say to add:

  • Location Broome County, New York.
  • Budget: 0-$100 preferably less than 90.
  • Use: Audio, needs good quality and EQ presets that are good and/or a 3+ band custom EQ. I listen to more rock and metal stuff and also contemporary Christian and worship, so I need something that doesn't over-exaggerate bass like Dr. Dre's crap seems to. :P I'd like to be able to watch videos too.
  • Type/Design: PMP made for more audio than video.
  • Features: Gapless, MSC/MTP, EQ, user EQ, sound enhancements would be nice, like how the X-Fi 2 has the expand and crystalizer, USB, FM radio tuner, video, built-in microphone, line input would be good to have too, but I don't need it, built in speaker
  • Display: 2.4" minimum.
  • UI/Controls: More of a combination. I prefer touch to tactile. The only thing I like about iPods is the UI and the click wheel, so something similar would be good. I love the original Sansa Fuze for this reason, but wish it had a bigger screen. If physical volume buttons it needs to be in small increments, I like how my brother's Fuze+ manages the volume. The reason for this is because I plug my iPod into my amp so I need to be able to hear the music and myself. This another reason I like touch, it's sensitive.
  • Battery life: 12+ hours-ish.
  • Memory: 8GB+ and needs SD expansion, it's a key feature I want.
So, yeah, that's basically what I want. Thanks! :P I'm leaning more towards the Iriver, but I'm open to suggestions. I'd be set on a Spinn but the lack of SD is a real bummer. Thanks again!
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