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Old 12-02-2011, 03:19 PM
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Default Need help finding IEM for Samsung Galaxy S II...

So for a long time I used a rooted HTC hero running Cyanogen mod. I must say for an older device media content sounded AMAZING on this little phone with a variety of different IEMS.

Most recently I've been using the Kipsch S4s but they have since started to die on me and alas, I cant find my receipt or packaging so Im now in the market for something new.

My 2 year contract was up and I immediately went out and bought the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S 2. This phone would be perfect except... The sound quality is NOTICEABLY worse than my Hero. I'm no audiophile, but even I noticed it.

I read (I think it was somewhere on this website) that they changed their DAC from a wolfson one to a yamaha one.

I have since downloaded an EQ app for the phone which has improved the sound, but not to my liking. Keep in mind I'm currently using some 'maximo' earbuds I stole from my brother ;-)

I listen to a variety of music. Everything from solo acoustic guitar arrangements to trance, classic rock, pop etc. I'm looking for an IEM thats decent at just about everything, but doesnt have to be exceptional at all. I'd like to stay under 200 dollars and for it to be somewhat durable. My last IEMs both started flaking after about a year.

I've been looking at the Triplefi 10s and most recently the Yamaha-eph-100 seems to be a pretty tremendous value.

On a side note, I pretty much do all my media through my phone. Google music, pandora, slacker etc. Would adding a small portable amp help and can you recommend one?

Thank you all!
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