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Default Clip Zip Playlist issue

Hi, I got a new Clip Zip recently as an upgrade of my Samsung yp-u3, but I met several problems when I tried to use the playlist feature of this new MP3 player.

I have downgraded the firmware to 01.01.12 which supports M3U playlist under the MSC mode (and I prefer to use MSC mode), and I can also create m3u playlists which work well except that they cannot contain songs from both the internal memory and external card. If the playlist only contains songs in internal memory/ external card, I just need to create a playlist including the correct paths of the audio files and put it in the internal memory/ external card.
But with songs in both the internal memory and external card, I have no idea how to figure out the correct absolute paths of the music files because the absolute path "mmc:0:\MUSIC\..." indicated by MTABLE.SYS just doesn't work. In order to create a playlist containing songs in both the internal memory and the external card, we need to use the absolute paths because the two kinds of memories are regarded as different "disks". This kind of playlist isn't impossible because the built-in Golist can do this, so if we can take a look at the content of the golist, we are almost done. Also I saw threads about creating this kind of playlists for Sansa Fuze using YAPL, so I also downloaded this software and tried to apply it to the clip zip, but YAPL couldn't recognize my device.

So I tried to do the following things but failed:
1) use different forms of absolute paths in the playlist
2) change the location of the playlist
3) find ways to export the golist
4) Use YAPL to create a playlist for the Clip Zip

I am not sure whether some of you guys can solve my original problem or some of the sub-problems above. Also if some of you happen to have a Sansa Fuze with M3U playlists working well with songs in both internal memory and the SD card, could you please send them to me so that I can find hints for creating their counterpart for the Clip Zip? Any kinds of help will be appreciated.

Though I can live with playlist which can only deal with songs in internal memory or in external card, I want to eliminate the difference between these two kinds of memory and make the Clip Zip functionally more powerful.
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