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Old 12-01-2011, 04:09 PM
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Default Zen Touch (not playsforsure) working on Vista via Virtual Box

Hello Everyone,
First a bit of background. I have a original Zen Touch 40g and I never upgraded it to the Playsforsure firmware as I seem to recall a problem with it. Either lower quality or a issue with connecting (also that it wiped my player and was not a reverseable upgrade). I don't remember all the details (if someone could mention the differences and why someone should bother to update that would be great).

Anyway I have 20-25g of music on the player and I haven't added anything for some time. But recently decided I wanted to. The computer I use to connect it with isn't available now and the current system has Vista. As you know it the old drivers etc don't work on Vista. But did manage to get it working via this work-around:

Download and install Virtual Box Also don't forget to install the extension pack too.

Install Windows XP with it as a virutal machine.

Set a folder in the Virtual Box settings for this virtual machine to a folder on your host (vista in this case) machine with your music you wish to transfer (or transfer from your player to it). You can do this later though.

Using the original CD in the PDE/setup folder run the SETUP file. This should install the driver AND Nomad Explorer. (if you don't have the CD you can get the latest driver here but I am not sure where to get the Nomad Explorer....perhaps someone else has a location for that).

Restart the XP virtual machine

Plug in your Zen Touch

At the "I can't find driver for this device" click "ask later" in the host OS (in this case Vista, but should be the same for windows 7)

In the XP virutal machine top of the window click USB devices find NOMAD in the list and click on it.

XP virutal machine should find it and say it is connected in a few seconds.

Now start up Nomad Explorer (under programs) and with another windows explorer window on the virutal folder (under network/virutal box/your folder nameyousetupearlier) drag your songs from one to the other. Simple, elegant and WORKS.

Another option is to use Nomad Sync a open source program if you like to sync everything rather than drag and drop. Works quite well. Warning though the latest version does not seem to work. Look for version 4.1 (at least for windows which is here ).

Hope this helps someone.
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