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Default CLIP+ .. I rockboxed it but wont take m4a...?

I FINALLY got the rockbox onto my clip+...took alot of sleuthing, and trying different methods, more than I would have liked.
However, now that it is running RB, I tried to drag an M4A file onto it since I have a good # on my drive. Wouldnt take it....
Now what am I doing wrong.....??

Thanks from a n00b,
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I don't use them ordinarily but Rockbox has played the AAC files I've fed it so far. What type are yours? Encoder settings, bitrate, etc.

Also It's not real clear what you mean by "Wouldnt take it". What happens when you try to play them?
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when you flash rockbox, the USB settings in the original firmware (OF) gets reset to it's default so it may be connected via auto/MTP. go back in to the OF options and change it to MSC.
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Thumbs up

Um ok, sorry.
All I can gather from right-clicking the song is its m4a...beyond that not sure.
However, NOW it is acting like I guess it should.
Previously I tried to drag a song into the Clip+ and it wouldnt drop, gave an error about unsupported format.

So I read you guy's posts, figure I should check the MSC-MTB-Auto setting, right?
Boot OF, check settings, it IS in MSC mode. turn it off, plug it in, but now it does work.
Seriously, I dont know whats up....something rebooted I guess....
I appreciate your responses, Now I will just take some getting used to RB....

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Default wanting to install Rockbox on my Clip+

Hello all,

Instead of starting a new thread, thought I'd give it a shot to post up on a pretty recent Rockbox thread.

I'm not really all that in tuned with the forums here, and would really find it helpful to get some suggestions on where to read up on doing this upgrade. What I have is a 4 GB Clip+ with firmware 01.02.16A on it. Really just about any links or knowledge would be of help. I saw that Rockbox has a thread, but I've had more experience floating around here.

Any good threads you'd like to share?

Thanks in advance,

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I recommend the installation chapter of the rockbox manual.
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