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Default Clip Zip Shuffle list issue?

I've had a suspicion for some time now that when using the shuffle list option in the music menu. Where I have a track twice on my player both examples play consecutively .

I have Dire Straits (Private investigations) both the Album track and a live recording on a different Album. In shuffle list if one of these is played it is followed by the other.

This has happened a number of times with this particular track and some others. However, today in the car both versions of private Investigations were played, Followed by Blur (Charmless Man) which is on the Best of Blur Album twice (once live) being played twice.

Is this normal? (The repeat tracks not the choice of music I'm aware this is suspect!!) I thought that shuffle list would do just that and the chances of these tracks keep repeating are so remote that I shall enter the lottery today!
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