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Help The eternal media refresh of Clip Zip

So I bought a Clip Zip, got a warranty just in case, and went ahead and got a 32gb microSD card. Can't beat that storage. I just wish I'd put a little more thought into how terrible media refreshes are.

I come from the old school of Creative and iRiver players that only did folder navigation. That's all I want. I don't want it indexing my ID3 tags and sorting by Artist, Album, or any junk like that. That's why I have it broken up by folder!

Well, I got it on, upgraded the firmware (still Sandisk), popped in the microSD card, and went crazy. Filled up almost all of the microSD card. Almost all of it. Thank goodness it let me disable MTP, MSC all the way! Although it took several hours to copy it all.

The only problem is now the dang thing can't seem to finish "Refreshing your media" has been running for over an hour, and it's stuck below the "d" in media.

Is it going to refresh every single time I turn it on, or every time I connect it to a computer? I don't need to computer it that often, I have an AC charger, planning on getting a car one.

If I turn it off and on, will it stop doing the media thing and just let me folder browse, which is what I really want to do?

Can media indexing and librarying be suppressed so I can just folder browse? I mean seriously this is not an Apple product. Lemme play my gosh durn music.

I realize Rockbox is still in an unstable state for the Clip Zip, but if I switch the firmware, will I be able to play music without worrying about the index?

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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