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Talking What a resilient little device!

So for the whole day, I was wondering where I'd left my Clip+. I couldn't find it anywhere, and then it suddenly hit me - I usually keep my Clip in the tiny little pocket on the right hand side of jeans, which I had washed in the laundry! Went to find them, and sure enough it was still in there. I immediately pressed the power button, and much to my disappointment there was no response. I feared the worst, and thought maybe it was time to upgrade to another player.

But then I plugged it in my PC...and it lit up! There was no damage to the screen at all, and when I unplugged it and went through the files on the memory stick, it was as if nothing had happened!

Such a fantastic player. I'll have to see if there was any adverse affect on battery life or anything like that, but fingers crossed it will be fine
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Nice luck but keep in mind that when any of your devices goes for a swim, resist the urge to turn them on. First let them dry out for a few days before you turn them on or charge them. Either leave them in a hot car, put them in a jar with rice or open them up but if you turn them on too soon, you can fry something. Typically what does need replacing if it shorted is the battery; I’ve been able to save a few phones via the car method but did have to replace the battery once.

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dry - them - out - first!
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My Clip+ is my main mp3 player at work. We're talking 8-12 hours in a single day, sometimes stacking stuff in the fridge, sometimes running the bottle-washing machine, loading a truck etc. It goes from hot to cold all day, gets banged around in my pocket or clipped to the bottom of my shirt, and is almost always wet.

It's never failed to turn on in the year or so I've had it. They really are quite resilient.
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Yea, great quality, even if you don't consider the low price!

And the washer stuff, happens to me all the time. Though normally it's the wallet or keys. Phone once, but it survived. I pray to god I don't put a player through there, or I may very well cry.
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I'm glad you were able to save it. Just to add a bit of counterbalance to this thread sandisk clipl players do break. Clips snap off, buttons break etc etc. Abusing a player is still abuse and you run the risk of messing stuff up. So don't go getting any funny ideas kids!

Agreed with the above obseravations that you should dry out electronics that have been submurged before turning them on. The rice method has worked for me.
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Hey, that's good to know. I bought a Fuze+ last week and even with the wonky controls I was digging it.

Dropped it while putting groceries in the car and it's completely broken, screen, on/off switch, everything.

I see that Best Buy has a Black Friday sale on the Zip, so I think I'll pick one up.
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