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Old 11-17-2011, 03:36 PM
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Default [S9/J3/X7] Cheetah + Penguin (part of the "Nature" UCI series) By Kizune

Since Kizune isnt here often, im going to posting his newest ucis now

Yes guys, it's time to allow you to use my latest creation, a UCI series which completely changes how you use your J3, just by being faster than any other UCI: Cheetah and Penguin. Both UCIs are part of my so-called "Nature" UCI series.

For instructions about how to use Cheetah, read the Lynx instructions. Cheetah is very similar.

Please note that this UCI has just reached the Alpha state. This means in other words, that many features don't work yet. But although the UCIs are still in Alpha stage, this does not mean that they might kill your player due to instability; using Cheetah and Penguin is completely safe.


Cheetah + Penguin // v0.3 Alpha


-- Cheetah // Added animated AUCI transitions (will brick your regular (not advanced/multiple/cover) wallpaper if used)
-- Cheetah // Added folders
-- Cheetah // Added new clock widget skins (customizable D3 theme, text clock, digital clock with date)
-- Cheetah // When you change the sleep timer in the drag-down menu, the remaining time until the player shuts down is displayed (do not change the sleep timer elsewhere, otherwise the shown remaining time might not be correct)
-- Penguin // Added compact theme (default, can be changed in the settings)
-- Penguin // Added support for non-AUCI browsers (read notes)

-- Cheetah // Message Center now has a better design and categories, added task category
-- Cheetah // The keyboard now shows a blinking | instead of a static _ as cursor
-- Cheetah // Improved popup design




In order to use Penguin and a non-AUCI browser, you'll have to install a so-called 'dummy UCI' which is basically just a simple script that opens the respective AUCI of the UCI is called.

Download (music.swf):


Just install it like a regular music UCI which means in other words: Copy the file into /System/Flash UI/.


How to install

Extract the archive in 'System/Flash UI/' and change the 'N' of the file 'mainmenuN.swf' to '1', '2' or '3' (which depends on what of the three default mainmenus you want to replace).
That is all. DO NOT rearrange any files of the archive (i.e. moving music.swf from System/Flash UI/AUCIs/ to System/Flash UI/).

How to use Penguin

Penguin is started with the penguin icon in the end of the icon list. It is the only icon which starts an AUCI, the other ones run your regular UCIs as usual.

All credit for this uci goes to Kizune!

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