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Default Closed headphones max $205 (150)

Hi there,
After only using IEMs I started thinking about getting some full sized headphones for use at home (mainly music, sometimes movies). They have to be closed and around the ear (NOT ON EAR, HATE IT)
I'm currently owning the sennheiser IE8 and I really love them..
Because i'm absolutely not into headphones i'm asking here for some advice.
I'm listening to house, hiphop, rock (bruce springsteen, bryan adams etc), and some pop music.

I'm actually looking for some headphones which sound a bit like my ie8's.
Bass is really important to me. Bass must go deep, really deep (subbass). I hate bloated midbass (eq'd it down on my IE8) I think my IE8's could go a bit deeper...

Highs have to be detailed, smooth and bright but not too bright and harsh. I eq'd the 16khz region on my IE8 up by 1db and now the highs are acceptable for me.

so i'm actually looking for some warm headphones with a good overall clarity.

I like the soundstage on my IE8 but i don't really know how a good soundstage on a pair of headphones feels because I never owned a high(er) end headphone bef4.

I will be using them on a sony a845 unamped... A 3.5 mm plug is required. Don't know if the a845 drives full sized cans well enough.

What do you guys think about the shure 750dj?

Maybe you guys have some other suggestions for me?

thanks in advance

P.S. I'm somehow really attracted to the beautiful and exclusive looking sennheiser hd598... I can get them for €150, should i get them, just because they look so great?

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