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Default So the Clip Zip is not actually AAC Compatible?

Hey all. After trying for a long time to find the perfect small music player that can hold virtually all of my library, I found the Clip Zip, and am pretty happy with it. . . when it works. I originally was looking at the Clip+ but waited because my library was AAC files. So I thought the Zip was perfect for me. Anyway, due to some shipping troubles with SanDisk, I ended up getting two Clip Zips for the trouble (score!) and bought two different brands of 32GB micro-SDHC cards (the first didn't work well with the player, the second did).

Now, the problem is that AAC files simply don't work well with it at all. I've tried with both cards and with both players, and the results are the same. AAC files playback with occasional distortion and they aren't gapless. However, worst of all by far, is that playing AACs causes the player to randomly freeze, something that doesn't happen with any other file types I've tried (FLAC and MP3s). And the freezing can't be solved with a simple reset, it basically needs to be plugged back into the computer to reset itself enough to play normally again. This freezing makes playing AACs pretty much an impossibility, unless you're fine with it randomly stopping your music after a few songs.

These aren't just any AACs I'm using either. The Zip stated it's compatible with iTunes AACs, and the ones I've used were iTunes ripped 128kbps AACs and non-DRM AACs bought from the iTunes store. Luckily I had ripped all my albums to Apple Lossless as well, so I reconverted most of my library to MP3s, and they play flawlessly. But it seems I'll have to take all of my iTunes bought files and convert them to FLAC just to be able to listen to them on this.

Does anyone else have trouble with this? I find it hard to believe that both of my players can be flawed, or that both cards don't work, particularly as MP3s playback just fine (and I've tried all three versions of the firmware). If this is the case with the player so far, I'm pretty upset with SanDisk for putting out such a substandard product. I know it's cheap, but if they say it supports AACs, it shouldn't be having these problems!
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