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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
Some reviews claim the HD25 SPII is fragile. I think I want to focus on some open headphones, perhaps just for home use. Anyone here know abot ATH-AD700? It looks interesting. I wonder where I can get it cheap. I saw it was on sale a while back for $80 or less.
HD25 SP's are not fragile, they are very basic and seriously have no components that could break. Though I will say they don't feel "Solid" or rigid in the hands like most other headphones as the cups can swivel 360 degrees freely and be removed without any hassle, but they wont fall apart or break. Due to this minimalistic build they are by far the most robust and durable headphones available.

I've had mine since 2007, and I bought them used. The seller stated they had been in use on British Airways flights for 5 ears prior and they still work like a charm. I pretty much cant say that about anything else I own and use daily :P I mean even the cable is still the original, made of steel, the only part that's starting to wear is the headphone jack, the years of use has seriously made a groove into the locking pole (Tip) of the jack :P It was there when I got them, and hasn't caused any sound problems, its just visual.
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Just an update: The Audio Technica ATHPRO700MK2 sounds better than I'd expected - it's better than what I remember the Shure SRH750 DJ sounded like. It KILLS (IMO) the M50 as well,...I luv these things!!! And DAMN!!! Can they go LOUD!!! And the bass,... phenomenal as well.
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How comfortable is the ATHPRO700MK2? It looks like it has pleather pads. Did you pay around $160? The ATH-AD700 has velour pads and is open. Judging from the frequency response curves, the AD700 probably has less bass than the PRO700 MK2, however it is probably much more comfortable, and is also around $60 or so cheaper.
i would prefer to keep the price under $100, even though I am willing to pay up to $160 if the headphone is that good.
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