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Default Cowon C2 tips and solutions #1

I wanted a Cowon J3 but it was out of stock. The X7 was gigantic and very heavy for my traveling. The seller showed me the C2 and I immediately liked its sexy small form factor and heft. Much Cheaper, too. I bought a 32GB micro sd card to have a total of 48GB.

Still own an old X5L 30GB from 5 years ago or so. I know the Cowon sound quality. Still, the C2 seems to have an even better SQ than the X5L and certainly more EQ presets and user-setting options.

Took a bit of getting used to the touch screen (I'm a push-physical-button guy). I guess the J3 capacitive screen is more responsive. The C2 resistive screen is less gratifying, but you get used to it.

On to the tips:

1. You CAN listen to the Cowon C2 player while it's charging from the wall or car (I don't think it's possible when charging from a computer though). The trick is to start the playing FIRST and only when it's playing, plug it into the wall for charging. If you first plug it for charging, you won't be able to turn on the player.

2. Mac troubles: Before you connect it to a Mac, download and install BLUE HARVEST Blue Harvest detects any non-Mac external drive and is supposed to prevent and/or clean it from the hidden files Mac writes to it. These hidden files can wreak havoc on the Cowon. Mine became stuck (bricked) and displayed fuzzy lines on the screen and no response. Your best bet with a Mac is to install Blue Harvest and connect the Cowon from the Windows partition (Either boot-camp or Parallels). With Paralleles, the Blue Harvest warning will come anyway, so click "keep clean".

3. How to un-brick a bricked (frozen) Cowon (Perhaps a after a Mac affair): Several advice exists in forums, but the quickest, simplest and best came from Cowon support. I elaborate on their advice:
(A) Connect the bricked Cowon to a PC (Or maybe to a Windows partition on a Mac - I haven't tried it).
(B) It may load on first try, or require several tries in and out until it loads on the PC as an external disk. You may also try: Right click Computer>Manage>Disk Management>right-click on the disk and select "change drive letter">assign a new, unused drive letter and click OK. Wait for it to load.
(C) Once it loads, copy all the files you loaded into the Cowon (Not the files it natively came with) to your hard drive.
(D) After you copied the files, right-click the Cowon and FORMAT it (Quick format). Takes a second.
(E) Download the latest firmware update for your model from Doesn't matter if it's the same version your player has.
(F) Unzip the firmware and drag its files (In my case 3 files) to the root folder on the Cowon. The root folder is the window that opens when you double click on the Cowon icon. Simple.
(G) Safely eject the Cowon Drive from you PC. As soon as it's disconnected, it will start loading the firmware automatically. In a few minutes you'll have a brand-new factory-defaults player.
(H) Reconnect the Cowon to the PC and copy your files back onto it. Finished.

4. Doesn't show/play the files I downloaded to it or edited on it: After you have downloaded files from your PC, or after you edited files and folders locations, or file names, or metadata on your Cowon, you safely eject it from the PC. It displays: "Updating Database". DON'T BELIEVE HIM. Sometimes, he's telling the truth, sometimes you try to find the newly edited files and they're not there, or try to play an edited file and it doesn't play. THE THING NEEDS RESETTING. In C2, press and hold the two volume (+-) buttons for 4 seconds. The Thing shuts down. Turn it back on and wait for it to turn on. This is when it truly updates its database fully. You should not have any problem afterwards.

5. Arranging Folders: This is my personal preference and you might opt to do otherwise. Scrolling through long lists of folders or files may not be convenient on the small resistive screen. If you prefer the folder/file viewing mode like I do, then instead of having all your performers in one long list, put them into folders: 'Male Singers', "Female Singers', 'Groups', 'Gospel' 'Bach' 'Mozart' etc. etc. You can also arrange sub folders within these folders. This way the list you have to scroll gets shorter and more convenient.

6. Extracting CD images: Some torrent downloads bring you one CD image file. You may listen to it continuously, but you cannot see or select the songs. Try XRECODE II for PC ( or similar, or XLD for Mac (

Drag the CD image file onto the program and it opens all its contents. Then you can recode the album or individual songs into a folder where each song is separate. You can also choose the format to recode: WAV, FLAC, Ogg, MP3 etc. etc. (Cowon won't play 'AIFF' files). I experimented with one album: WAV gave me 460MB, FLAC - 260MB, MP3 - 64MB. Unless you use the most high-end listening equipment (sound system or earphones), you'll be hard-pressed to spot the difference.

7. Viewing file names while playing These aforementioned programs also let you edit the metadata (track name, performer, composer, year, etc.) inside each track. One album I played displayed 'track 01', 'track 02' as the names on the screen. So I opened it in XRECODE and entered the correct song title and performer. When you're done editing and safely removed the Cowon from your PC, don't forget to turn the Cowon fully off and then fully on for changes to take place. Otherwise it won't recognize the altered files and won't display or play them.

8. User-Defined EQ settings: Silly me.I tried to set 'user 1' on the jet-effects and it wouldn't open no matter how hard I pressed it. Then I brightened up: You don't press the 'user 1'. You press the little cogwheel to its left.
On one of the forums I found a very exciting EQ setting for earphones:
80: 7 Wide
220: -1 Normal
780: 5 Narrow
3.0: 8 Normal
13: 9 Wide

BBE 10
MachBass 6
3D Surround 3
MP on
Stereo Enhance 3
Rev off

On speakers, though, it sounded a bit harsh on the highs, so I toned it down a little:

80: 7 Wide
220: -1 Normal
780: 5 Narrow
3.0: 7 Normal
13: 5 Wide

MachBass 6
3D Surround 3
MP on
Stereo Enhance 3
Rev off

9. Voice recording: I tried the voice recorder - pressed 'record' and slipped it in my shirt pocket under a coat. Nothing was muffled. Everything was loud and clear. Beautiful!

That's it for now. If I find more things, I'll post them here.

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