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Default Sometimes my YP-R0 won't start, not until several tries.

Hallo to everybody!!!
First of all, I must say that the problem I am going to explain now, is not something completely new to my YP-R0. I mean, I have Lightbox (only Lightbox, no dual boot) on my device since a couple of weeks, but I had this same problem when I used the original Samsung firmware (1.25).
Of course I never had this problem in the past, it is something that started to happen only a few weeks ago: SOMETIMES I need several tries until my device starts. For instance, now that I have lightbox, it won't go further than the penguin. In those occasions, I need up to 4 or 5 tries until the device finally starts, and then, once it has started, it works perfectly. Other times, it just starts at first try. Of course, I have tried several solutions: for instance, to totally format the device, and reinstall the firmware again. But the problem remains the same. Any advice, opinion, will be welcomed! Thank you very much!!!
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