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Default Can't sign into Zune software

For the longest time, Zune software would automatically sign me in every time I opened the program. For the past week or so, I noticed that I was not signed in. No big deal. Today, I went to grab a new podcast, and was prompted with the sign in screen. Entered my password (which was still saved into the software) and I'm met with the "username and password do not match" error message. However, when I go to Hotmail and enter the same password, my email opens up just fine. Changing the password has not remedied this problem. Zune software just will not recognize it.

I realize that I can make a new account and just start from scratch, however, my old account has a ton of podcasts that I had to make manually show up in the Zune software, and I would like to not lose access to them if at all possible.

Anybody having the same issue? Any fixes?
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Did you tell your software to forget the Tag and then try signing back in?
- Justin
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I had something very similar happen a while ago. Go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS and it will prompt you to login in there. For some reason, that worked for me.

For the past 10 days or so, my software isn't logging me in either...and there is no click to signin button in the software either, so I have to do the same thing to sign in...but I have no password issues any more.

Something is definitely funky and if the past is any indication, it will "magically" fix itself.
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