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Default Clip Zip Rockbox Theme: lebellium Samsung-like

After 1 day long work, here is my 1st theme for Sansa Zip
It is based on the Samsung R0 While Playing screen but much modified to fit the 96*96 screen of course









You can download it in attachment or on the Rockbox website:
For the Accurate Battery Edition, please see here or here


v1.45 - March, 30th 2013
  • Fix battery indicator code
  • FM radio: fix signal strength code
  • Replace repeat and shuffle settings text by icons
  • Replace white background of the signal strength icon by transparent background
  • Code cleanup

v1.40 - September, 28th 2012
  • FM radio: New signal strength icons
  • FM radio: Stereo icon very lightly reworked (gradient green color)
  • FM radio: Move scan/preset mode 1px down
  • WPS: Display first and second directory from end of file path if no artist and album id3tags
  • Code improved (USB connection looks more stable now)

v1.30 - April, 7th 2012
  • Flashing battery indicator when low battery
  • Playback mode icons reworked (grandient blue color and recording icon added)
  • New virtual LED displaying if hold switch is off (can be disabled if you wish)
  • New rockbox icon on the main menu
  • Changes a bit the volume bar at max level
  • Displays "Playlist Position/Total Number of Playlist Entries" on 2 lines if Playlist Position > 999
  • FM radio: displays flashing "No Preset" instead of "/0" if preset mode enabled while there is no preset.
  • FM radio: doesn't display "searching..." if the tuner is not tuned but the preset name is displayed
  • FM radio: displays the preset name in scan mode too (if no RDS data)

v1.20 - March, 11th 2012
  • New smaller icons (based on dfkt's "tango micro 7px" icons)
  • FM radio: doesn't display "searching..." if the tuner is not tuned but the RDS name is displayed

v1.10 - December, 18th 2011
  • Displays "SHF" in the status bar when shuffle mode is on. When shuffle is off, displays the various repeat modes if enabled otherwise displays nothing.
  • Cancel: Renames repeat mode once from "1" to "1x" (misunderstood this setting)
  • The "buttons locked/unlocked" text is not visible in WPS background anymore
  • Changes the background color of the status bar viewports so that it doesn't look too ugly when using the text_viewer for example
  • Set a default background and foreground color
  • FM screen: Moves the current frequency, RDS data and signal strength icon 1px down
  • FM screen: tuned and stereo icons redesigned
  • Graphic Volume bar redesigned
  • Graphic Volume bar enabled in the menus

v1.00 - November, 28th 2011
  • First release on
  • Adds the FM radio to the mini-player
  • Removes the repeat mode status from the FM radio screen
  • Renames repeat mode once from "1" to "1x"

v0.90 - November, 20th 2011
  • FM radio UI added
  • Adds "dB" after the numeric volume when repeat mode is OFF
  • Moves the album art 1px to the left

v0.80 - November, 7th 2011
  • Bigger font for album year, playing time and clock
  • Playback mode icons redesigned to be smaller

v0.72 - November, 6th 2011
  • Rockbox folder renamed to ".rockbox"
  • Missing font added

v0.71 - November, 5th 2011
  • Fix a font and background color issue on main menu

v0.70 - November, 5th 2011
  • First public release
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