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Default YP-Z3 Radio doesn't work anymore

Hello everyone!

All of the sudden the radio on my mp3 player stopped working and it looked like the automatic scan couldn't find any station: all I could do was play mp3s.
As I turn on the player, during the startup with the "samsung" logo, it appears "Open Err:FM" in yellow, on the top left corner.
Since a new version of the firmware is available (1.25, while I've got 1.22 installed) i thought of updating it, but there I realized that I cannot get access to the memory using a pc: both a win7 and a win XP system reports that the peripheral doesn't work properly, and doesn't allow me to browse the disk.
I then formatted the system using the option on the player: BAD MOVE! Now I don't have any mp3, the radio does't work and I can't load any music .
I still believe that updating the firmware will fix the problem; my question is: is there a way to do that other than using the USB-A to USB-micro cable that came with the player?
Thanks you in advantage!
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Arf, I'm sorry for you. First time I hear of that issue...

To me it looks more like a hardware issue. If it's still covered under warranty I would send it back to the service center.

There is a recovery tool for this device but I haven't shared it here yet because I haven't written the tutorial yet.
The problem is that to enter the recovery mode you would need a special USB cable like for R0:
You could ask VanniX to build one for you (he lives in Italy too) but really I don't know if it's worth the effort and the money.
I'm pretty sure it's a hardware failure and not software.
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Yes, it seems to be an hardware problem...Perhaps the chip has stopped working and thus there is no acknowledge that it actually turned on, so the firmware stops telling you this.
If under warranty, send it back for sure!
And no, the recovery tool cannot do anything I fear...
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Hi, thank you guys for your interest.
You seem to be experts of this model so I'll follow your advice and take it as an hardware issue.
Indeed, some days before it showed this problem the player volume was erratic and it rose on its own; since I listen to it while jogging, I thought I was hitting the volume button by mistake.
Pity, even thought I've been owning it for less than two years, it isn't under warranty because it was a gift and I don't have any recepit.
I think I'm going to try to disassemble it and check all the connections, hoping it will fix it.
Here's what I get on startup
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