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Old 11-02-2011, 04:19 PM
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Help A Few Questions About Transferring Files To My Clip+, Also Rockbox

Hey guys, I just purchased a Sansa Clip+ which will be delivered tomorrow and have a few questions:

1: Am I able to copy my albums as folders to the player, or should I only copy the actual music files?

2: I've got my music tagged with Discnumber and the files named as "101 - trackname" or "201 - trackname", will the player display disc numbers correctly or should I do some formatting in MP3Tag beforehand?

3: I know about Rockbox but don't know what I'd gain from using it over the standard firmware, also would I be able to reinstall the official firmware after rockboxing (if I don't like it for example).

4: I found a SanDisk MicroSDHC 32GB Card on Amazon for 28, it seems to be class 2, will this be fast enough or should I be looking for a higher class card?

5: I've converted my music from FLAC > OGG q5, it sounds great on my PC and the filesize is miniscule, I heard that OGG > MP3 in terms of quality/sound ratio. What do you guys use?

Many thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to answer my very newbish questions
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