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DFKT Minimum Zip

Theme displays an alternative screen layout when no album art is available. Theme falls back to file/folder names when no metadata is present. Includes FM radio interface with RDS support. Uses custom resized Tango icons to match the font height. The "R" icon in the status bar is a Replaygain status indicator. Theme shows warnings when volume level is above 0dB, when sample rate isn't 44.1kHz, and when Replaygain is enabled but no Replaygain tags are available for the current track. It is possible for users to change the theme's larger main font from the Settings/Theme Settings/Font menu. Optimizations for chiptunes are included as well. Version: 0.40


DFKT Minimum Zip FSAA

Basically the same theme as DFKT Minimum Zip, with the difference that near-fullscreen album art is displayed when the currently playing track is paused. No album art is displayed in the main WPS. Due to current limitations in the Rockbox theme code I had to fork the other theme, since it is not possible to display album art twice, in different viewports and/or in different sizes. Version: 0.40


DFKT Minimum Zip INV

Same as the other DFKT Minimum Zip themes, except this one shows near-fullscreen album art while playing. Album art is drawn onto the backdrop buffer and shows a transparent progress bar and peak meters over it. File info is shown during volume change, FFWD/REW, and while paused. Version: 0.40


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