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Default Rockbox: Clip Zip

Clip Zip port status, read this first:
Rockbox manual, read this as well:


Current firmware builds can be found here: Current Rockbox build (This link is automatically updated whenever a new revision is released.)

Alternatively, here's my patched build, containing several tweaks and additions that might be useful to some: 120414-449dff4M-sansaclipzip (FS#9305, FS#11052, FS#11304, FS#12075, Meier v4, channel swap, keymap) - dfkt

Here's a bootloader: sansaclipzip-01.01.18-rockbox_bootloader-v4.0 (official v4.0 bootloader) or (bootloader with newer stock firmware) - I'm not responsible if your Clip Zip catches on fire, kicks your puppy, etc. This bootloader boots Rockbox by default - hold the volume down button or the left button while powering on to boot the stock firmware and/or connect via USB to your computer.

Installation instructions: Make sure the battery is charged. The Clip Zip has to be in MSC mode, not MTP/Auto. Unpack the bootloader and a firmware build to the root of the Clip Zip. That's all.


Some first UI themes: DFKT Minimum Zip | Lebellium Samsung-like | Cabbie v2 | Uberadri's BigAlbumArt
The official theme site is online too:

Windows builds of the UI Simulator, for testing/creating themes, or simply trying Rockbox on a virtual Clip Zip: (This link is automatically updated whenever a new revision is released.)


  • Even though the bootloader installation and rockbox itself are tested, there's always a risk of BRICKING your device PERMANENTLY. Some Sansa AMS (m200 v4, C200 v2, Clip v2) have no known method for recovery, so this risk will not go away, even in (if any) future stable releases.
  • There's no known user-friendly recovery method for the AMS Sansas, those of them who can be unbricked (not all of them can) need to be physically opened, and they can be potentially damaged in the process.
  • Installation of a bootloader may or may not permanently disable DRM support, even if you uninstall it (this might only be true if you change the Date/Time settings).
  • mkamsboot will reject OF files which were not tested by us. If you try to patch a newer firmware, it will refuse. Use an older firmware.


More info: Clip Zip forum thread on

Hats off to Bertrik!
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