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Post Comics on X7

When I was searching for information about the comics function on the X7 I found nothing. Now I own one and I'd just like to put this out there for anyone thinking about the X7 and curious about this feature.

The comix function on the X7 works extremely well. It resamples the images properly so that you don't have to resize them yourself on your PC (if you had an S9 you might remember that being mandatory).

It has a bookmarks function just like everything else (you press something called favourites and it asks you to choose between favouriting and bookmarking.

Scrolling with your finger is okay. You have to remember it's a resistive touch screen so you don't look like an idiot on youtube (oh no! it doesn't work, I keep pressing it but it doesn't go! [you are so useless...]). Just use your fingernail or something hard to press the press and it will work fine. You will have trouble if you use your fingertip, but it's not impossible.

There are a few options of viewing the comics... You have view them horizontally to make them as big as possible (like the S9 3rd party comic viewer) but you can also view them vertically. It's not unreasonable to have the comic page to fit so you don't have to scroll at all. Most text is readable, but if there's smaller thing they will become more difficult and the horizontal scroll will be superior. Remember to select 'one page' if you're finding yourself viewing the same image twice, once on each side...

I worried about resolution before I got it, but it actually looks good. You will see the individual pixels if you are too close to the screen, but 1.5 feet - 2 feet and it does not look pixelated. Like I said it's very readable if you were ok with the comic reader on S9, you'll like this more.

All in all it does what it's supposed to. The only irony I see is that since cowon actually developed the technology to resample images, why does the zoom function for everything else have to lack resampling. Seriously the zoom function is useless haha.

The only thing I almost forgot is the way it changes pages. You may recall the S9 comic viewer had to load the next page every time and sometimes that was troublesome. Comix on X7 will load the next page while you're reading the bottom of the current one, and attach it underneath so you can just keep scrolling, sort of like those tumblr pages which load as you scroll. It works very nicely and makes reading faster.

Hope this was useful, cheers.

PS: Also, there's no ridiculous file-naming scheme required like there was for the S9 comicviewer. As long as images are labled in a logical manner like 01 02 03 04 etc in one folder, the comic viewer will recognize them as a comic. I didn't have to do any renaming. Only thing is that obviously X7 only uses jpeg so you will have to batch convert png and other formats with irfanview or the like.

PPS: Obviously there are limitation to what a photo of an mp3 player can reveal, but if nothing else it gives you an idea of the size of the picture?

Uh, yes, Mugen, I think it helps.

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