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Default Using my HTC Sensation as mp3 player??

I am used to have aside of mobile phone a MP3 player, my last one is samsung P3 but its screen is dying!
Now I have the choice to get a Cowon J3 from NYC or get a class10 SD for my HTC Sensation, I have tested its music player with Beats mod and HTC Dolby but don't think the sound quality is as good as a dedicated MP3 player...what is your experience?
Can an Android phone as HTC Sensation gives high quality mp3 sound through earphones?
Should I get a class10 SD memory for my phone rather than pay 180$ for a 8GB Cowon J3?
Yes I know Cowon did an Android player but it's extremely expensive
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Now I might be wrong on this but I don't think the SD card class affects audio playback on anything, just more for transfer speeds. Useful for cameras but a bit pointless for phones unless you like transferring lots of stuff or you're a very trigger happy person with a camera.

If you don't like carrying multiple devices and don't mind a lower SQ just get the SD card, if not get a dedicated player.
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I tried the Sensation with Playerpro which is supposed to be the best audio player on Android, the sound is average with or without the DSP EQ.
Not bad but the samsung P3 for exemple give much more details and soundstage to my Philips SHE9800, so I guess a J3 will be waaaay better.
Though I will miss the sexy Adidas female coach telling me how to run with the GPS Micoach app
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