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Default Choosing IEMs....replacing S4i

So I had the Klipsch S4i for quite a while (since it came out).. loved it until the wires are exposing and needs to be replaced with something fresh but I can't decide which of the following ones I should choose...

Shure SE215
MEElectronics A151
HiSoundAudio Crystal

These are all <$100 range...tho the Crystal is known to be hard to find...

Oh...I am using Cowon J3 as my media player... which replaced my Samsung P2 recently...but I might also use it on my phone depending whether i get the new Nexus... and occasionally use on PC...

I actually listen to a lot of different types of music... but not Rap/Most Techno...

Any advise is appreciated! Thanks!
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Dare I admit it, but I have and routinely use a pair of Shure SE210s, and really have enjoyed them. For me, the fit is superior to many other (and more expensive) Shure models/phones--a very svelte (I never thought I'd use that term concerning a headphone . . .) earbud. And the sound is good--not quite as good as the sound from a pair of Panasonic RP-HJE900's (a great pair of phones, if you can find them--now discontinued, it seems, at least in the U.S.), but respectable. And they have held up to 4 years of continuous use (a concern that I had with your Klipsch phones, by the way--Klipsch definitely should have gone hardier with their cables!).
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I have not heard the Crystal and no nothing about it, but I've heard everything else on your list. The one that stands out to me on that list is the A151 as it uses a BA driver and not a dynamic like the S4, SE215 and VB. The A151 has a much more balanced sound while the other three has more of a V shape sound, not so much with the Shure which has a pretty forward midrange. IME the VB definitely produces the most bass and can sometimes sound piercing in the highs with lots of sibilance. Also to note is the SE215 may be harder to wear as you have to wear the cable behind your ear and unlike Westone cables, they have a memory cord that, in my opinion, is too stiff and doesn't stay behind the ears easily.

So if you're looking for bass and something like the S4, the A151 will be lacking. The SE215 is a good choice here if you don't mind the form factor.

Also, here is a link to someone selling their Crystals here on head-fi's for sale forum if you don't mind it used but still in good condition.

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From my limited trial of the Shure SE215, the sound was simply astounding and I would recommend it. I was actually considering getting a pair myself, but the only downside that I have read on forums are some problems with the removable cable and loss of sound. Otherwise, everything is really good, especially the price.
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