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Default Headphone Recommendation Please!

  • Price Range: Max $100
  • Type/Design: on-ear or over ear. NOT in ear.
  • Closed Style: yes.
  • Circumaural: No preference
  • Supra-aural: No preference
  • Primary location of use: on the go, commuting
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: no preference
  • Source: Android Phone

Hello everyone.

I need to find some headphones! I need them to have volume control. I am finding that these new headphones with built in controls don't seem to work with my android phone. Therefore, I need some that someone KNOWS will work with android, or an actual slider for the volume.
I had AKG K-27is before which were great, but the broke in less than a year and the warranty isn't valid in Canada.
Before that I had JBL 410s. I really hate silver and I like folding headphones. If anyone could suggest something that would be great!!
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Since built-in volume sliders cause degradation in sound quality, you will not find many quality headphones that offer this functionality. If I were you and the volume slider was of so much importance to me, I'd buy the best ordinary closed headphone that I can find for this price (many choices here, it would help if you narrowed it down a little, at least tell us what music you usually listen to) and then use it with a third party volume slider such as this one by Koss^ac^VC20. If the cable becomes too long, either get a headphone with a real short cable or shorten the cable by cutting it and attaching a new mini-jack socket.
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I listen to mp3s. I did try adding a volume cable but it sounded AWFUL. I know having an inline volume degrades quality and options, but I would still love to hear some suggestions.
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I use the above Koss volume cable and have found that it generally works fine.
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