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Default Fuze+ Review: The worst user interface ever

This review was written about the original firmware, as Rockbox is not ported to it yet.

I have used many mp3 players over the years: A Rio Volt 150 CD Mp3 player, a Cowon Iaudio x5, a Grundig Beezz RCD 6800 DEC(boombox), a Ipod Nano 4th gen, a Sansa Clip+ and now a Sansa Clip Zip. The Fuze+ is the first and only device I could not comfortably figure out how to use. The programmers who made the firmware and UI should be in a hall of shame. When you "lock" the player so accidental button depresses aren't possible, a large picture of a lock is constantly affixed on the screen so that you cannot see well what song is being played or where in a song you are at! Navigating your audio collection is also frustrating as the programmers tried to mimic a faux 3d perspective to file browsing instead of just using a file list. You have to hit the hit the middle of the touchpad to turn the retard faux 3d perspective into a file list, but that is an annoying extra step that you will often forget. Another problem is that I constantly lost my place in an album I was listening to, especially when I toggled it on/off, it played audiobooks I had out of sequential order, etc. The UI also didn't organize my music well.

The whole touchpad is another mistake, I cannot imagine trying to use it while driving as it lacks tactile feedback, so you need to look at the unit or how you will use it during night. The trackpad also didn't allow you to fast forward in a song or navigate up and down many files nearly as fast as an Ipod click wheel. Another strong caveat is that the unit is oversized, it is about the same size as my clamshell bare bones cellphone, which for me is too big. When you have that thing in your pocket and a cell, it is not comfortable, and when you add a wallet in the mix you just look like a shoplifter! I was also disappointed that I could not just download a 360p mp4 off of Youtube and watch it either, like on my former Ipod Nano 4th gen(which was released back in 2008). Conversion is another step, I would rather not go through. The player also takes way too long to shutdown and turn back on.

For all these weaknesses, I have to say this is the worst mp3 player I have ever used. Even after 10 days, I still didn't feel like I knew how to use it, so I returned it to Bestbuy. If anyone is reading this, don't ever think about buying this turd online. Why try to save a maximum of $10 or less for a unit you may want an easy return option with at a local retailer. Even when Rockbox comes to this player, it will still be quite bulky and the trackpad needs too much attention. When I did the return/exchange I got a Sansa Clip Zip yesterday. Already I am fully comfortable using it, and the much slighter size is relieving after using the Fuze+.

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arcane, frustrating, hard to use, horrible ui, too big

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