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Old 10-11-2011, 08:24 AM
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Default 8gb Clip+ displaying half the content of my 32gb micro sdhc card

Hello everyone

About a year and a half ago I purchased a Sansa Clip+ 8gb player. My ultimate goal was to add a 32gb micro sd card to have 40gb total space. But they were too expensive at the time so I waited until now. Meanwhile I added a 4gb micro sd card and it worked very well.

So I received my so beloved 32gb card some days ago. I was so excited, finally! So I put all the music I wanted, until about 300mb remains on the card. I let the player refresh itself (taking so long)...only to realize that half my music was not displaying in my player, but all songs playing and displaying in the computer in msc mode; so it can't be the card itself.

I was VERY frustrated because I took all the precautions possibles:

- I bought the card from a trusted store, Future Shop, to be sure that I have a genuine card. (can somebody confirm that Future Shop often sell fake cards?)

- The card is a Sandisk 32gb microsdhc card class 4, to be sure it was compatible.

- I formatted both the player and the card, updated the player with the latest firmware before putting music.

- I asked Sandisk the limit of songs that the OS (operating system) can display: 8000. And my player fully loaded (8gb internal plus 32gb external) have a total of 6872 songs.

I wondered, maybe I have too much folders. I reduced them from 474 to 91, but keeping the same amount of songs. It was not the problem: a lot of songs were not displayed. Like before; so it's not a folders problem.

I even thought that maybe the card reader of my player had a pin broken, preventing it to access some folders. But no, because when I access the card via the player in my computer, I can access all the folders and songs. So the card is read in it's entirely.

When I randomly listen to songs in the card with my computer, they all play instantly and well, so I'm 99.9% sure that the card is working well and that it is not a fake.

So now, I'm here, because this problem now transcend my knowledge. I want to know if some of you know why this is happening.

If I buy another identical player, is there a chance that he will display all? How can my player be working perfectly EXCEPT for this 32gb full displaying thing? I really fear the next player will do the exact same thing.

Is this technology not fully working yet? Am I asking too much right now from technology?

Depending on your answers, I will:

- buy another sansa clip+ 8gb in hope the next will display all;

- buy another model from another company that is known to work well with 32gb microsd cards;

- return my 32gb microsd card to Future Shop trying to have a refund while accepting that my needs are now too great for the current technology and finally wait the day when a 64gb player with a OS capable of displaying 16000 song will be released.
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