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Default iPod Touch 4G vs Samsung Galaxy WiFi 4.0.

Hi, I am possibly deciding between the two devices. The white iPod Touch 4G vs the Samsung Galaxy WiFi 4.0.

1. Music
2. Internet (Youtube, Email, News articles, Amazon shopping)
3. Apps. Utilities like package trackers, Maps, weather. Messaging. Some games. (Any more, please suggest).
Not sure what else.

What I like about the Galaxy.

*The 4" Screen on the Galaxy is favorable (there is a 5" model but it probably wouldn't be as comfortable to use with one hand) over the 3.5" screen on the Touch.

*While neither of the back casings really appeal to me, the Galaxy probably wins over the Touch due to the fact that the Galaxy doesn't look like a cat's toy after a few weeks of use (scratch-magnet).

*Flac Support. About 5% of my library is FLAC and the percentage is growing, though I'd be fine to stop if I were to switch to iTunes and an iPod Touch.

*Drag and drop support (I'm assuming). I use MediaMonkey.

*Micro SD card slot! I have a few 32 GB micro sd cards lying around. I used one with my Asus Transformer (now sold due to a desktop being more useful to me). Now one is occupying my Sansa Fuze (which is a fine music player, but not a PMP). Using one with the Galaxy could mean 40GB.

*Supposed 512MB RAM > 256MB RAM, though I can't seem to find an official statement from Samsung addressing the RAM. I heard it's either 3xx MB or 512 MB. Either way, higher than 256MB RAM.

*Probably won't be as high a target to be stolen (though I don't think I've ever had anything stolen from me before, except maybe pencils or something).

What I like about the Touch.

*The front of the white touch looks much better than the galaxy 4.0 (the 5.0 looks better, but still, probably too big).

*Touch screen 960x640 > the Galaxy screen of 800>480.

*iOS looks better cosmetically than Android if you ask me, though I'll probably wait for Android Ice Cream Sandwich to come out and see if the Galaxy will be able to get an upgrade (it'll ship with Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 in the US).


*I like the music system of the iPod Touch a bit better than the Android music player, but I heard it's getting an update along with Ice Cream Sandwich.

*I can get a free engraving. I feel like it's a plus to be able to have an engraving in honor of Steve Jobs on one of his last devices released while he was alive.

*Direct line-out for use with amps.


So what do you think? They both have 1ghz single core processors. What do you think is better? The A4 or the hummingbird processor? What it really boils down to are the operation systems. What is better? iOS 5 or gingerbread? If ICS sandwich becomes available for it then I'll probably go with the Galaxy, though it has pretty low specs and I'm expecting ICS to have high requirements.

I have all my music on Google Music which is available for both operating systems.


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