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Default Issues with audiobooks on clip+ (but not with clip)

I've owned 2 original clips (1 x 4GB 1 x 8GB) for a couple of years, now - and very happy I've been with them.

The 4GB one I dedicate to music, really, the 8GB one is almost entirely dedicated for audiobooks. I've made increasing use of the 8GB for audiobooks, recently, on account of walking a lot more (a recent new member of the family, namely a Siberian Husky needs quite a lot of exercise, even whilst a puppy).

A week or two back, I bought an 8GB clip+, with the intent of buying a 32GB micro sd card, and putting practically everything on that I want on a portable player. The memory card hasn't arrived, yet, so I'm just running on main memory at the moment, and have loaded some audiobooks (well really, it's the audio tracks of AVI tv programmes, in mp3 format).

All the audiobooks I have are mp3 format, and have always worked flawlessly on my 8GB clip. The most notable thing I'm referring to, here, is the ability to resume exactly where you left off, when previously turning off.

That has always worked perfectly on my clip, but using my clip+ I've noticed it not resuming at the same place (by quite a way - probably skipping back a good 20 minutes or so of audio.). Now in fairness, the mp3 for the particular episode I was listening to is VBR mp3 (some are VBR some CBR) is that the reason why the resume is inaccurate?

I haven't yet been as thorough as to check that all my existing audiobooks that I currently listen to on my clip are CBR or VBR, but they're all mp3, and I don't recall ever having any oddities in resuming on the clip.

Is this likely to be to do with that particular episode being a VBR mp3, or do the clip and clip+ behave differently where this is concerned?

And whilst I'm asking questions ;-) what does the CH Mode setting do in the audiobook settings?
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