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Default The ideal case for the Clip+ (for just about $1.50!)

This little case is avaiable from various chinese eBay sellers for just 1-2€ (I ordered it here for $1.49/€1.09 including shipping!)

Although it is sold as an earphone case, I figured it is just the ideal case for the Clip(+) and the earphones.

The shell is made out of solid material that should protect quite well against any kind of impact. Overall quality seems decent. On the top half there is a mesh with an elastic band to which you can firmly attach the Clip. On the buttom half there's plenty of room for your earphones:

Although the PFEs have quite a long jack, there's just enough room to close the case with the jack plugged in - which is quite nice to take strain from the socket.

In the mesh behind the Clip there's more space left. You can store a line-out cable there - or even a FiiO E5, connected to the Clip (see last photo).

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Timar good find, I use similar cases for mine when not in use. I got them with various IEMs I’ve purchased over the years and have one for each clip

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Thanks for the info and photos Timar, I have just ordered one of the cases for 99p
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