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Default Which player for perfect sound?

Hi, im looking for a player which sounds really perfect. I'm not interested with video or any other features. I used to have creative, sony and ipod nano. So many people tellin me Cowon for perfect sound. Is it true? If its, which Cowon model for perfect sound? Thanks in advance.
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What do you mean by perfect sound? Do you mean natural sound without sound enhancements, or a player with many sound enhancements so you can play with the sound? The Sandisk Clip+ or Clip Zip is nice if you are not into sound enhancements, but if you want many sound enhancements you might want a Cowon J3, or perhaps a higher model Sony. What is your budget? How much storage do you want? How much battery life do you want? Do you want a player with a card slot, or is player without one okay?
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JK98 is getting at the fact that Cowon has terrific enhancements that allow you to tailor the sound a lot, and that the Sansa players are very good at flat reproduction, and with Rockbox on it, you get a phenomenal EQ as well. Sony bumps its bass up a little bit by default.

Generally speaking, modern, quality players all are pretty darn good at merely reproducing sound, the differences comes with the EQ and enhancements.
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and don't forget the impact of the earbuds, IEMs, and/or headphones.

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^ Yep make sure your chain is good IEM, Bitrate, Good mastered songs, Static electricity, Player, Tips, Fit.
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