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Default NWZ-A866 Quick Review

Up until earlier this year I had been buying mostly Creative MP3 players but reading some good reviews about Sony players I decided to get one to try out.

I opted for an NWZ-A845 and although I liked the weight, size and build quality I thought that it was lacking a touch screen. I was also struggling with 16GB capacity and the sound quality wasn't as good as I was used to with the Zen.

I read an excellent review on the NWZ-X1060 and decided that this could be what I was looking for in an MP3 player. Sound quality is first class, and the touch screen is probably the best I have ever used. However I found it a bit on the heavy side, 96g compared to 59g for the NWZ-A845 and I didn't like the location of the controls on the top of the player. I was constantly switching it on by mistake and the battery life was not as good as I was expecting.

What I was really looking for was something with the best bits from both of these players......

Last week I bought an NWZ-A866. It weighs 75g, has a good touch screen, is the size of the NWZ-X1060 but only slightly thicker than the NWZ-A845.

I copied my music collection from the NWZ-X1060 and plugged in my Shure SE530 headphones. I selected the same settings I had setup on the NWZ-X1060 and I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the sound. I used it like this for a few days but yesterday I decided to have a play with the settings and switched on DSEE, Clear Stereo and Dynamic Normaliser and now I have a sound that I am happy with.

The size, build quality and weight of this player is excellent so I will probably be sticking with it for a while

However .....there are a few things about all 3 players I am not happy about.

I don't like that fact that it does not start up on the last song that was played if the player is idle for more than 24hrs or if the player is recharged.

I also think the players are too easy to switch on. Seems that if I touch any button the player switches itself on, even with the Hold button on hold
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