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Default Rockbox Help With Clip+

I loaded some music while on the default firmware, then I installed Rockbox and loaded more music.

Music is located in different folders so i cant shuffle all songs.

How can I delete the music I put on the player while in MTP mode? I cant see it in Windows Explorer.

I have no problem wiping the player. Will choosing Reset to Factory settings brick it because rockbox is installed?
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Welcome to ABi

Booting to the OF and formatting using the format function in the Sansa firmware would be the fastest way to clear the player. That will delete the .rockbox folder so you would need to back that up and drop it back in after the format. If you want to remove the songs transferred in MTP manually just set the USB connection setting to that and hook up again. Explorer should see them again then.

You can set the OF any way you want. I've never had any setting in OF affect Rockbox or the other way around. In the rare times I use the OF I just use it as if Rockbox didn't exist. Just be sure to set the USB mode to MSC and you should be OK.
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