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Default Is The Clip Zip The Right Player For Me?

Hi everyone, I've discovered the forum via searching online for reviews of various MP3 players and registered to seek some much needed advice. I guess I should point out that I've never owned an MP3 player of any description, so I'd appreciate it if any advice (gratefully) given, bore that in mind, thanks.
OK, my situation.
This is what I want.
A physically small player.
A player with enough memory to hold about 50 or so all-time favourite albums permanently.
A player, like the clip zip, which has a card slot. I've thousands of discs and would like to fill numerous SD cards with music by genre, to use when the mood strikes me.
I think, from what I've read, that the zip is ideal for me? Given that, a few questions please.

1. I don't want to buy a zip, when another 20 or so pounds/euros would have gotten me something better. Is the zip about as good as it gets for the price range?
2. If I buy an 8Gig model, and want to put my 50-odd favourite albums on the internal memory, what is the best format for me to rip my cds to? MP3, wma, OGG, flac, bitrates, CBR, VBR etc. It's all new to me. I'm able to convert my discs to those file types, but don't know which route to go, to get best available audio quality and fit them onto the player?
3. I intend to buy a few 16Gig micro SD cards. I take it that if I want approx 100 cds worth of music on each, I rip my discs to the same format as I'd use for the internal memory?
4. I have a broad taste in music, differing genres. Does the zip hold up well to playing all musical types or is it flawed with any type?
5. I wouldn't know a decent pair of earphones for use outdoors if they were to smack me in the face. For around about the /Euro 50 range, is there anything in particular that suits the zip?

Many thanks for reading and for any advice. I do know that I could get a larger capacity player for the money I intend to spend (zip and a dozen or so 16Gig microSD cards) but the idea of a physically small player, with card slot, suits me. It's easier to replace a lost zip with one card, than to replace an ithing or archos with all my music on it.

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