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Default Clip (not +) still sold and battery life

I see that Amazon is selling the original Clip from BlueProton. I'm thinking about purchasing, but am concerned about the battery life.

I thought that Sansa was no longer manufacturing the original Clip so I assume that BlueProton bought a large quantity when they were still being manufactured a year or two ago. Is it true that a device manufactured say one year ago that is held in stock will have lost some of its maximum battery life after full recharge before it is even used?

Any expert opinions on this?
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Welcome to ABi

It's pretty safe to assume that some battery life has been lost in this case. Lithium batteries deteriorate across time. Take a look at what the real experts say about that here.

How much capacity may have been lost would depend to some extent on how they players were stored. Time, temp, charge level during storage are all factors as you can see.

Personally there would have to be an overwhelming reason for me to buy an original Clip now. The chance that the usable battery life has been greatly reduced would have me consider the newer Clip+.
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The Sansa Clip would have to be a LOT cheaper than the Clip+ to get me to buy one. Original Clips were probably last made by mid 2009, so thats two years. By mid 2009, the Clip+ (released Aug 31 2009) would have been on Sansa's manufacturing list.

$45 for a new 4GB Clip (this appears to be the Blue proton price) just doesn't cut it for me. The amazon page showed $40 for a 4GB Clip+. Much better buy.

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