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Default Creative Zen Vision:M 60GB (slim) HDD repair/replacement?

Hello everybody,

Recently my ZVM stopped working, it booted only in recovery mode and the hard disk was detected to be 50MB so I supposed the hard drive is dead...

I have a docking station and love this mp3, plus it is 60GB which apart from buying an ipod (and i don't want to..), i can't find anywhere... so i though i could maybe change the hard disk.
the easiest solution would have been to buy the original hard-disk, Seagate ST760211DE ST18 series, and replace the broken one. As the player is too old, I cannot find it and I've seen here possibilities to switch to compact flash, ssd or larger capacity hard drive.
I don't know a lot about repairing the player and learned a lot by reading threads here.
I do not have to upgrade the capacity or type, can any of you indicate me a solution, easy to do and not to expansive, in order to repair my ZVM?

I read some people put "160GB Toshiba MK1634GAL 5mm ZIF" (100 i have found) with apple logo on it but they said it works apart from getting a failed firmware update message but working player. Does the HDD fits in without many problems and is it the same connection type as the original?
If I only need to switch the hard drives, that doesn't seem too hard and the HDD is not very expansive, can anyone confirm that solution works and nothing else needs to be done (regarding hardware; of course once plugged, format disk from the zen and install firmware)?

would you recommend switching to compactflash or ssd? i have seen a 64GB CF card for around 150, haven't looked for ssd but i know they are quite expansive and even tough i like my ZVM, i don't have that much money to spend on it....

Sorry for writing so much, but normally all the details are here so you can tell me how to fix my zen

Thanks in advance for the help
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