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Help Would you recommend the zen touch 2?

I'm planning on getting a new MP3 player. I listen to live FM radio a lot, and podcasts, and some music. I'm hesitating between a more simple and portable player like the Sony walkam E-series or a sansa clip + but I saw there are more advanced players with wifi capabilities and more versatile OS like the CreativeZenTouch2 and SamsungGalaxyPlayer. I'm thinking the main advantage of these over the traditional player would be that I could download my podcasts right on the device rather than mess with connecting my device to my (gnu/linux) computer twice a week to update the podcasts, MTP might be a liability. Then, having a portable GPS/internet device could also come in handy, (though I fear it might create a counter-productive addiction). The walkman and the zen touch are about the same price (100$) while I don't think I can get a galaxy player for much lower than 200$ so the later is probably out of question.
I would just like to have some insights, are you satisfied of the zen touch? is it reliable? how long does the battery last? does it have satisfying software to download and play podcasts? (one thing that is important to me is that if I stop a podcast, put the device to sleep, and listen to something else, when I open the podcast again it goes back to the previous position in the file)
How much better is the galaxy than the zen touch? does the FM radio work well? etc

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Stay away from Creative - they are crap and you only have to read the reviews on Amazon of the player you mentioned.

Samsung Galaxy players are OK.
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I have one and would not recommend to anyone , its android 2.2 and no access to the app market. It crashes often and reboots . I got mine on sale and i know why .
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