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Default SanDisk really does listen--let it know!

I just wanted to drop a short note to mention that SanDisk really does listen to users, as to audio player features and the like.

If you look at the Clip+, for example, it added folder navigation and a microSD slot, which users had suggested. And the Clip Zip, likewise as to a time-of-day indication, aac play, improved list navigation, menu customizability, a timer, a flush microSD card positioning, a sturdier clip, and enhanced battery power if you consider that the player now has a bigger and color screen.

I'm not saying that SanDisk wouldn't have made these additions but for customer suggestions (and pleas!). But my every impression is, the company in fact listens.

And so, the bottom line: make requests/suggestions known! A great place for this: at SanDisk's Clip Zip board. There even are threads there for this. I can't emphasize this enough. And a single request can be a drop in the bucket--many requests for a feature/change/etc. can be a torrent that gets more readibly noticed. Even just saying, "Me, too" can have an effect. It's all quick and easy.

Of course, I wouldn't expect hardware suggestions to be enacted overnight (and the Clip Zip, the latest player, just issued). But SanDisk has had a custom of issuing out firmware upgrades on a not infrequent basis, especially early on with a player--if suggestions can be enacted to the firmware, and the easier the better, they could come about (and especially, it seems to me, with a new product). Such as, screen enhancements, as discussed elsewhere here, to add further what's playing info. (elapsed and remaining time, and current track no./total tracks info.).

This is not often the case with manufacturers--I greatly encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity.

'Nuf said. Now, go to it!
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