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Unfortunately, I've lately noticed that problem and the touch response of my 1.5-year-old P3 is awful and I cannot even pick my song. Which is what I mostly intend to when I'm using my P3. Anyways, I don't know if that is a coincidence or anything, but when I upgraded my P3 from Touch 6C to 6D, I've noticed the touchscreen was a bit smoother. But then, ugh, dead areas of the touchscreen started to appear. And in a desperate attempt to save it, I'll probably try and format it... But it seems like it's a hardware defect, so I don't expect anything miraculous.
I think I'm going to use my old YP-T7F back, it never failed (until now) and I've been owning it for several years
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I actually got a Cowon J3 for xmas to replace my P3. almost half of the P3's screen is dead, for the longest time i would just use my creative zen despite it having a quarter of the space the P3 has.
it's a shame that such an awesome device would have such a flaw. if only samsung could have foreseen this happening. ive considered sending mine in to have the screen replaced but just getting a new player is a lot easier.
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My P3 became unusable due to deadzones - couldn't access several features.

I tried getting it repaired (in the UK) but the Samsung subcontractor (RepairTech) said parts were not available and to get back in touch with Samsung support.

They issued me a depreciated refund (about 65% of original purchase price), which was not bad considering the unit was 16 months outside of the warranty.

I put the refund towards a J3 instead - love it!
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my P3 is about 3 years old now and for the last several months I've noticed there is a small dead zone about 1/3 down the right side of the screen. Any time I touch that area it triggers about 1cm above or below where I touch.

The rest of the screen appears normal so far.
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It will most likely grow. That's how mine started, now 90% of it is dead. A tiny line on the left side of the player, however, still lets me select music. Can't pause or skip, though. Highly inconvenient.
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Default Highly inconvenient towards slightly less inconvenience

Originally Posted by DragonBottles View Post
It will most likely grow. That's how mine started, now 90% of it is dead. A tiny line on the left side of the player, however, still lets me select music. Can't pause or skip, though. Highly inconvenient.
My P3 touch-screen is also dead apart from "a tiny line on the left side of the player". I can however move icons around, plus more complicated man-oeuvres or actions, by touching the left hand side immediately before touching the icon i want to use or manipulate. I have been able to reconfigure the display screens how I want them. This includes putting all the most important icons on the left of the screen so I can open them with just one touch. This has been alluded to in other posts, hope you find it useful.

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sorry you all.

i registered to say ive had mine before any of the people here. how? i bought it in korea in april 2009. mine has "yepp" on the front and came with korean firmware.

my gf has Samsung on the front. mine is built in indonesia hers in china.

i have scrapes. dings. scratches etc all over mine. afaik it works perfectly. ive never used a case and have dropped it even on concrete.

also i imported a mpio v10 the same time i bought the p3. past players are cowon x5l, cowon i7, mpio fl100, iriver other samsung, stuff i cant even remember trying.

current headphones are ath-m50. have sr80, px100 as well. use a airhead amp at times.

the p3 with ath-m5 and equalizer has yielded a perfect combo ive yet matched. seems most on the market are feature packed not sq.

anyways...currently the player works as it did when i bought it 4 years ago.
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dead zone, p3, samsung, touch screen

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