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Old 09-04-2011, 02:05 PM
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Exclamation Bluetooth stuttering/dropouts and something strange.

I haven't seen many threads or comments here concerning bluetooth, but I'm hoping there may be a few knowledgeable users out there who are using bluetooth with their J3.

I have two pairs of bt headphones; one from Motorola and one from Artic Sound. With both I have had recurring--and currently, nearly non-stop--stuttering problems. The stuttering (music dropping out, coming back in, every few seconds) can happen at any time. I'm having trouble connecting it to anything specific I'm doing. I use the J3 at work--it's physical work and I'm moving a lot--but the J3 is always safe in my pocket and not subject to shocks or drops, etc.

I don't know anything about bluetooth technology. Can it be affected by environment, machinery, magnetic fields? For that matter, can the J3 be affected by any of those?

Last night was just bizarre...If I kept the J3 in my left pocket (nothing else in my pocket) the stuttering was constant. I tried back pocket, shirt pocket, turning it upside down, right side use. I even put it on a shelf, as I've got about 30 feet of movement before the bluetooth connection craps out, and didn't touch it at all. Then I put it in my right pocket and it was fine for the rest of the night, about 4 hours. I've rebooted it, re-established the bluetooth connection, updated database...hmm, I haven't tried the reset button. Maybe that should be next.

But the behavior is just so strange. And that leads me to the "something strange". Does anyone else feel and hear something moving separately inside their J3 when they move it around? Ok, that's I jostle the player at all, I can feel something large, perhaps nearly the same size as the outer housing, sway from side to side or up and down. Could something be loose? A circuit board? Or is this just the way it's made? It's not a new problem (and I don't even know yet if it is in fact a problem), and I'm worried that something has come loose inside and I'll need to get it repaired. I'm also wondering if that has something to do with my bluetooth connectivity issues.

Well, that's about it. Hope to hear back from some of you. If you need to ask any questions, fire away.


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